Never Shall We Die

Propelled by the harangue of my countrymen, the restlessness of our animals, the tears of our deceased, the phobia of the unborn and the frivolities of the youths, I have decided to write with my own blood on my white robe the dazzling reality, which most us the helpless but enlightened are either afraid to write, say, or hear, in case no one has written it, for words uttered in songs or from the mouth of the great Demosthenes himself have no value and would soon lose their charms unless written, in clear, immortal, and unflinching handwriting.

When Nigeria was loosened from the jugular chains of the Western Lords in 1960, we danced in the rain and under our trees, believing that our time of slavery and servitude has passed, but as years buried years, the true meaning of ‘independence’ became unclear to us. The democracy that our heroes have sacrificed their lives for has been jailed and replaced with demonstration of craziness. And whenever we call for help, it seems the devil is the only one answering our prayers, promising us resilience, demanding human blood as sacrifice (reference: Soka) and hence, leaving us in a state of social cacophony and economic paralysis.

Down here in my hometown, nobody pursues change unless it shits coins. And that word, CHANGE, is only mentioned in the great but deceitful manifestoes of the savages and imperial scavengers leading us. In time, we were all censored to live for one thing, food. No money; no friend we were made to believe. And when I watched a film titled The Pirates of the Caribbean, an idea of what we can correctly call the Nigerian politicians crept up in my mind; PIRATES OF THE NIGER AREA. Not that all of them deliberately had themselves turned into pirates, but the hunger and poverty which they’re so afraid to return to is the dark force driving them towards embezzlement and inspiring them into dragging the nation deeper and deeper into political apocalypse. Come to my school; aside the general concern for passing exams, love of music and films, interest in wears and sexual hunts, nobody seriously talks about REVOLUTION or CHANGE. Of course we have students’ unionists who say those things like CHANGE and LIBERATION; they criticize the State and Federal Governments, so we join them in their boisterous shouts of condemnation and curse, but please come down and check our Administrations, hurray, we are thieves too.

Justin Beiber is there in America, a kid, doing what he is good at and making money; acquiring fame and growing stronger. You might have been wondering what may possibly be the secret behind his fame. Illuminati? –No! Parental wealth? –No! Prayers? –Possibly. His voice? –Not exactly. School qualification/certificate? –No! But what? –That is a good question, and the answer is: SOCIETY. What is a society? Buildings? –No. People? –Yes! How? -Because the people make up the society. And you would surely say ‘we can’t compare America to Nigeria’. Of course you are right. Their weather is cold and ours is usually hot. They are white and we are black. But talk of natural resources? We both have it. Brains? We both have it. Dreams and ambitions? We both have it although our ambitions are different, so are our dreams. We only dream of clever ways of stealing. “Take everything; leave nothing,” motto of the Pirates. No positive dream; no vision; no ingenuous will for meaningful development; no eyes in the head. What are we after then? –Certificate. And? –Money. And? –Comfort. And? –Sex. And? –Nothing else. And that should mean? -I can’t believe you’re asking; WE ARE DYING; that is what it simply means. Or perhaps, WE ARE NOT BORN YET. Even our teachers who are supposed to illuminate the significance of patriotism and jingoism would say; “Ibi Òsèlú lowó wà o.” meaning; “It’s in politics money roams.” What are we learning then? Money-this. Money-that. Money now. Money then. The youths go to school not for any other thing but certificate, and so they read to pass by cramming (Garbage-in, garbage-out). Higher Institutions no more allow bravery and patriotism in students. Those students who show themselves possessed of the zeal to stand up for their rights before the Management or any lecturer would be expelled. Meaning; “We don’t breed brave hearts here, we breed cowards.” And like magic, everybody becomes poltroon and once again the future of our dear country is put at stake. I must graduate with First Class, I must not be expelled, I must get a job (without thinking of creating a job), I must get married, bear kids and lead a peaceful live; all these are symptoms of shortsightedness, cowardice, feeblemindedness, poverty and extinction of altruistic bloods. Discovering the sources of our problems and marching an army of revolutionaries to prove ourselves possessed of a constabulary power and willingness to ‘move on’ has become nobody’s business. If the president does not even have anything to say without reading from papers and his wife a celebrity in comedy, se ko a tan bi?

If Nigeria must grow, the righteous minds, if there are any righteous minds left, must stop calling politics a dirty game and must not tremble at the threats of the filthy elites. Politics should be our lives and what we live for. It is the strongest, shortest and conclusive path to change. According to Plutarch, “They are wrong who think that politics is like an ocean voyage or a military campaign, something to be done with some particular end in view, something which leaves off as soon as that end is reached. It is not a public chore, to be got over with; it is a way of life.” Reinhold Niebuhr knew how cowardly people like us may become, or how ignorant, that is why he tried to teach us that politics is not just a game but an art which consists in directing rationally the irrationalities of men. A purpose lost to the diaries of the 60s in Nigeria.

You don’t know your rights and you call an activist next door a stupid man or refer to him as ‘baba oni petition’. Believe me, you are growing and marveling in concrete ignorance. We advise that you shake yourself off the claws of ignorance asap.

Look at you dear reader, I can’t believe you’re still sleeping down there, thinking you are a NOBODY and thus pledging your readiness to accept whatever ‘the leaders’ give you! Plotting ways to survive instead of fighting the plague, giving evil the chance to grow unchallenged while you goddamn have the strength. In my bitterness I must frankly tell you that, if there is no youth to say ‘enough is enough’, I doubt that a country will still bear the name NIGERIA in few years to come and we could all be damned to hell because we never attempted to save our country from her exploiters. Apart from the old and dying activists in Nigeria whose jaws are too tired to utter words again, how many activists do we have left? You? Oh no! You’re a coward; a beast seeking wealth and bribe and no more. Or maybe you have no idea who an activist should be. Or perhaps we don’t really need the activists barking behind the State and Federal fences? What we really need is revolution and revolutionaries to hoist the course; people who will not flinch at the sound of gunshots but will persist and show readiness to sacrifice their lives for ‘change’ (not in a terrorizing manner).

The destined, the hero, the saviour who is born to lead us to true independence is somewhere in Nigeria, walking the school corridors with dreams or perhaps pegged to his home by strike. He may not even graduate with First Class or Second Class Upper because it appears that people with such grades only know how to obey and not to make laws. Someday, that saviour will discover himself and come out. He will roll around to gather his army from different States in Nigeria. He will talk of the history of our Land. He will expose the strength which the wrong leaders have covered up for so long; the strength with which our nation is blessed and could rise. He will speak simple and deceit-free correct English. He will seek no wealth but our nation’s development. He will care about his name so that generations to come may not despise but worship it for centuries after his reign. He will lay the good foundation. He will make our country equal with powerful nations of the world. He is the Nigerian President of our dreams. But until then, we are stuck with these pot-bellied thieves; the noble pirates. Guess who that saviour is, it is you. Yes, I mean YOU. And if you do not explore yourself to discover what you’re made for, and thusly never saved this country before you die, you’re going to hell, it is not a curse.

O ye countrymen! We must come together when the trumpet is blown; hoist the colours, raise the flags and march for victory. People who stirred such have been kidnapped, imprisoned, threatened or eliminated in the past but this time, never, NEVER SHALL WE DIE!

Lord eBay
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  1. me says:

    truly challenging! I don’t know enough about your country to make comment on the situation there…I will research though. I do know that the type of apathy and ‘pirate’-tism you write about, is alive and well in my country. We have activists here, that are tired…tired of shouting and trying to educate…they’re labeled and silenced. but they fight on. And your right, the younger generations are key to the change that needs to take place. And they deliver the message through different mediums and vehicles than their fore-bearers. Change and revolution, I believe, is needed everywhere!

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    1. Lord eBay says:

      I’ve disappointedly seen some of the activists themselves win political posts but still got initiated into the piracy. We don’t genuinely live what we preach, that’s the problem my friend. Well, we’ll fight on, if not for our sakes, then for our children’s sake. What other choice do we have anyways than to fight on? I saw your likes in almost half of all my blog posts, I appreciate this, me. Do take care of yourself, will you?

      Liked by 1 person

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