He hath never fed of the dainties that are bred in a book; he indeed despises books; he hath not eaten paper, as it were; he hath not drunk ink; his intellect is not replenished; who is he? An invalid; a primitive barbarian; a totally dumb human of an eolithic modus vivendi and a crusader against common sense.

At this age where exploratory discoveries and science have answered long-asked questions and have given us the history of our fathers from the fossils and we all consequently walk about bragging of our magnificent pasts, solving our biological problems and trying to make senses out of insensible things in simultaneity, i find it impossible to believe that some people with chicken brains still see learning a forbidden or unreligious phenomenon. Boko-Haram Insurgents they are called. They rape our girls; slaughter our friends and shed blood on the escutcheon of our religion. I read the Holy Qur’an from the beginning to the end and i never found a place where it is written that man must not seek knowledge (even from unreligious) and he who pursues “knowing” is an enemy of God. Why do you have to politicize or fight for your region’s rights in the name of my religion? Aren’t you damned from earth for the innocent people you kill everyday? Anyway, a capable government would find a very large jungle for such people, put them there, give them utensils fashioned out of stone and strip them of dresses made of modern materials, for it is in that jungle their wants can be met; there will be no books but plentiful time to hunt games and worship education-hating gods. Indeed, satisfied they will be and once again, we can concentrate on developing our fatherland.

A friend of mine who sat beside me in an exam, received a message while he was boasting of how well he had written the exam, that his father has been bombed in the North. A girlfriend once took me to her mother in the North, it was a barbecue we met instead. When she started to cry, my lips became too heavy to console. As we speak now, she’s in a lunatic asylum. The bombings never stopped; the killings cease not, and here we are; the youths called the future of tomorrow have become bank robbers, the women who are supposed to realize the dream of female president in Nigeria are in Abuja, prostituting to live. An humble old man, when grabbed by original hunger, butchered his wife to be sold to ritualists. And a friend of mine whose parents left him a car, sold it to pay restitution fees at our extorting school. Mr. President is in Aso Rock, marrying her daughters to moguls alike and giving i-phones away as attendance presents at the wedding.

Our representathieves at the House of Assembly are putting on a good show, trying to confuse us that they are pulling for our interest, yet on weekends, go to European beaches to spray our money on white breasts. My own father was murdered in 2009; Police know who killed him, yet the man too has the gut to criticize the government on social media. The Assassin who my father identified and mentioned in his statement on his dying bed eats pepper soup in front of my mother’s shop on Wednesdays and he would look at us, flaunt his golden tooth to show us how powerless we are. I, who wanted to study Cinematography at De Montfort University in UK is now studying Biology Education in a degree-awarding College of Education. We cried to the Inspector General of Police but just to be thrown out through the windows. And yet, my siblings in Secondary Schools are forced to sing the National Anthem.

What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In form and moving, how express and admirable! In action, how like an angel! In apprehension, how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this cruel, wicked, oppressive, selfish and thieving thing? What is this quietesence of dust? Man delights not a reasonable mind; man delights not me! In fact, i would’ve preferred being born a bird, crossing countries with neither passports nor visa; watching films of man without payment, bathing the Carribean waters, taking food from the kind trees and enjoying what is called an original freedom.

ALUU4 is never the first time the true nature of man would be revealed, untold human suffering lies behind the statistics of World World II; it claimed humans, animals and even spirits. The dead were re-killed, the re-killed were not allowed heaven. My friends were once talking about the massacre of four UNIPORT students. They were watching the video. I collected the phone from them and watched the clip from the beginning. To my surprise, my heart started beating faster, i passed wind thrice, tears filled my eyes, and the smile on my face got replaced by wrinkles which quickly added 50 years to my age. I nearly dropped the phone as emotions grabbed my tail and flung me about. I collapsed unto a stool and buried my head in my right hand, imagining, how cruel that is. Below is what was on the video:

Four students who went down to Aluu Village in Cross Rivers to demand money from a debtor were shouted upon as armed robbers by the debtor and so the people of Aluu Community grabbed this young men, never asked where their weapons were, at least, armed robbers wouldn’t rob without guns, but only beat them as they marched them around their Community after stripping them completely naked. One of them just returned from London, rich kid. Two were cousins and the four were roommates in the hostel. They threw stones at them, flogged while the innocent boys cried out their innocence into deaf ears. When they got tired of walking them around the village, they chose a place to get it over with. They smashed truncheons and heavy clubs against their heads until blood replaced their tears and ugliness replaced the handsomeness on their once pretty faces. A club created a hole in one of the boys’ head and his brains streaked out while he was still alive. A stone that an 18-year-old couldn’t have been able to lift was thrown on one of the boys chest. One laid dead, two unconsciously opened their eyes and nodded their heads on the floor naked. The most handsome among them sat, wishing he was never born. Then a big club landed on his head and blood ran all over his body. Soon, they were all blessed with necklaces of tyres, anointed with pretty litres of gasoline and like a switch on the wall, turned the light on. The boys couldn’t scream but only rolled on the blazing soil. Police came there but left with laughter on their mouths, saying “burn them to hell” and both men and women stood there, excited at watching young men burn. Some girls would even be curious to see how their genitals would look like after burning. They were so satisfied that they stood their for more than four hours, happy. Meanwhile, these boys never stole a thing. If you didn’t watch the video that time, please don’t ever do! Even till now, the eloquence of pain on their faces still scares me. The first time i attempted writing about it, i couldn’t scribble a letter for three hours before i later gave up. My paper was completely soaked wet.

The Youths that were said to be leaders of tomorrow are being butchered if not by Boko Harams, by the Ibadan Sokalists or Aluus. Representathieves, Kings, Governors, Senatorial Pirates and other licensed thieves are stealing billions, i see nobody burning them you fools. Is there a need to carry out a research on why the rate at which hypertension kills people is increasing? It’s simply because all our newspapers are filled with bad news. If you don’t read “Man butchered daughter for ritual”, you would read “15 passers-by died in a fire-exchange between JTF and Boko Haram insurgents”  or “UTME candidates crushed to death by a trailer on their way home from exam.” When we were in Primary School, Buhari was the President. When we got to Secondary School, Buhari still contested for President. Now we’re in University, Buhari still intends to contest in 2015. I accept we’re the leaders of tomorrow, but i’m convinced that that tomorrow will never come. Can someone tell me what is happening here? Are we really so stupid to have kept silent for so long? If Facebook is the only place our voice could reach, shouldn’t we be shouting? What is the legacy you’re laying for us, you thieving pot-belly bastards? I don’t know what I’ll eat tonight and you’re surely in Paris now, fucking a whore on a beach. Whatever you do and wherever you go, God’s anger shall follow you. GOD PUNISH YOU ALL! God punish your unborn children! God punish your politics! God punish your souls! Your politics sucks! Just wait for a while more; wait for the REVOLUTION; we’ll be the most insensible bastards you ever saw!

-Lord eBay


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