SANDRA, what’s on your mind?

Shakespeare has written love stories, but never truly loved like Chuck Norris. Professor eBay has travelled many places, but if you look at him, there are no love traces. If even a god has no chance of loving, when a maiden passes by, he’ll be left coughing. And if I meet someone special, I must write about him/her, it will be beneficial.

There was neither a story when I met Barbara nor was there a tale when I saw Ce’Nedra of the Black Bra Confra. I lived with Cassandra and Dikrah, but no one was as beautiful as Sandra. She is not a White but even George Bush would say she is bright. With her straight stature and her friend, Favour by her right, I bet she could defame our dear Bukky Wright. Over this same lady, twins would fight. I met her in Ondo at a corner so tight, walking splendidly and winding like a kite. I was captured by her posterior that could have blinded a sight. I couldn’t request a bite, so I feel inferior whenever I see her height. If her kind occurs at every Project site, I bet you would love to stay around even at the midnight. This beauty is indeed a light and a beacon that glows in the night. I hope it does not turn out to be a plight but would instead give me some pleasure and might.

Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are, if Sandra shows you Favour, you’ll marvel at the sight of a beauty whose specie is rare. A doctor would abandon surgery when he sees her passes by, not expecting to see such a beauty anywhere else but Mumbai. If God would ask me to name what I want; I would ask Him to give me this Favour without having to hunt. Even if my house will be burnt, I would be busy looking around for her; she would be glorious to mount.

To every coin are always the two sides; to every beautiful sea, there you will see the tides. To every gentle sky, there are the disturbing kites; to every church you attend, there are always the tithes. Favour, her friend would not date you if you woo, hence you will ask, her man is who? Let’s swap to Sandra too, there is no way to intercept, she always travel in two. Well, whatever they think, they must have a reason. If not, I would charge them for treason.

I looked at her, she looked away. I ran after her, I went astray. Yet, when she sees me she bounces, catwalks and display the fancies. When I invited her she came, by her side was Favour the dame. I tried the process all over again; aim and shoot, shoot and aim. Yet, I never won the game. She knows my name and even aware of my fame, but still repels me, it’s indeed a shame! If my mind alone should be imagining her, my mind would go blind. But if my mouth mumbles her name, I don’t know who to blame. Sandra! Please tell me now! Tell me what exactly is on your mind.

Lord eBay, LeScoth.
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  1. Mike says:

    This is wonderful… kip it up bro.


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