Crossing the red sea in 21st century.

I saw this somewhere and i think you’ll find it amusing. The person wrote:

If the children of Israel were people of this century, while crossing the red sea, they would’ve wasted the whole day in the middle of the sea taking pictures and uploading on
Facebook and Twitter with captions like:

1. Chilling with Moses.
2. Miracle things on point.
3. Crossing mode activated!
4. Cruising in the red sea.
5. Pharaoh chasing the air.
6. Subterranean weekend.
7. Fish for sale, ping for delivery.
8. Flexing with Uncle Aaron.
9. Swimming mode activated!
10. Me and my boo on fish hunting.

True or False?


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  1. See, having snorkelled in the Red Sea, I’ll tell you what I think they’d do – The sky is bright and the water so clear and shinning like endless mirrors. They are more likely to grab their snorkelling gears to take in all the beauties of fishes in their natural colours – yellow, green, orange, purple and many more.

    This they could do for hours on end, I guess the Israelites missed out on this?

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  2. lordebayism says:

    Lols… Thank God they did miss out. The Pharaoh would’ve probably caught them and persecuted them unless another miracle saved them. Lolsss…

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    1. Yea, He is called Miraculous God for a reason, abi? Always a way out!


      1. lordebayism says:

        Yes, always a way out.


  3. lordebayism says:

    Thanks for commenting. I read your bleaching piece, I love it.

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