Resolution is a Lie

Oh Yes! A life exemplary!

From Ideas to Wonderlands

I have a friend with a very critical mindset, in a good way, and so months back when Bad Acid was just an idea, I asked her to let me bounce ideas off of her, tell me what sounded good/bad, etc. (Why hire an editor when friends will work for free, right?) Since the completion of the first draft, we’ve both been very nostalgic, thinking of all the bad ideas we’ve had to scrap and all the changes we’ve made. One thing that never changed though, drastically, at least, was the ending.

I won’t give any spoilers, of course, but a lot of stuff goes down. The main character, Tyler, winds up digging himself a pretty deep hole that gets hard to climb out of. It doesn’t necessarily have an unhappy ending, but my friend mentioned that she didn’t know how she felt about Tyler not having any resolution with…

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