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Don’t you just hate when you’re busy on your Pinterest page (procrastinating, as usual), looking for writer websites (you know, so that you can at least FEEL like you’re doing something productive), and you come across something awesome-looking, only to realise that it’s a dud? Well, it’s happened to me quite a few times – being the professional procrastinator that I am – and I’m here to set you free from the torment.

Introducing, my favourite writer websites:

  • Written Sound

This is a great website when you want to incorporate a sound into your writing, but aren’t quite sure how to “sound” it out. Did Jenny barge into the room with a loud bang? Boom? Or crash?

  • Write or Die

This website is great for the author who just wants to write without double checking. Need to write 1700 words in 60 minutes? This website makes sure you…

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  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing these websites!

    Be Blessed,



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