Writing: Why Did I Choose This Life?

We will not stop writing; we’re made for it.

ML Gabriel Writing

3881370514_e361d7a609_bWriting. Freelance Writing, Fiction Writing, Blogging, hell, any kind of writing to be honest. Why do we do it? Why do we torment ourselves so? What’s in it for us?

It’s easy to lose hope when you’re feeling frustrated with your story. Writer’s block (whether real or not), can be the biggest pain a writer has to deal with. You do everything you can think of, but the novel you’ve spend days, weeks, months and even years on, just seems flat and lifeless.

Then, once you’ve endured the torment of finishing the story, edited it a million times, sent it off to publishers who have rejected it over and over again (only to edit it another 65465121 times) and you’ve finally published it, then those pesky reviews come and crash your spirit once more and you throw in the towel. That’s it. You feel you’ll never become a successful author at this…

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