THE TAILOR who loves me.


As cheeks resemble the rose in beauty, so this girl resembles my mother in virility. The truth that time cannot be by her side is a pity, but presently she remains the most beautiful girl in Ondo City. So pretty I will shoot anybody who says vanity upon vanity is futility.

She owns a building filled with sewing machines, rugbying the shop are apprentices who came for the teachings. They come in dozen of dozens, you would cover your ears if you hear them buzzing. To me she is younger; unlike me, she never experienced hunger. She is rich and her eyes are white like the body of a fish. She did not bleach but yet a skin I would love to write about on a beach. With silver spoon in her mouth she was born, indeed, she is an identity that is newly borne. For advertisements I bet she’s a romantic tool, but the problem is, SHE NEVER ATTENDED A SCHOOL. What a beauty so cool! To have avoided a school is the only thing that makes her a fool.

She doesn’t understand English and cannot write a line, but when she speaks native, her teeth would shine. She has expensive assets, if known to a thief; she would be one of his targets. Her beauty could make a pastor commit adultery; her thick but wonderful shoulders could laze a factory, and with the coin-like nipples, she could send a man to penitentiary.

I’m a writer, against all forms of illiteracy I’m a fighter. But now that the girl has fallen in love with me, her irresistible features have done nothing but incarcerated me. My father says she’s not good for me, my mother says she’s the best woman for me. My guardian says she could ruin me, yet my friends say she could escalate me. Her skills are only with the cutting and sewing of clothes, when it comes to writing or reading, she would give up the gloves. THIS TAILOR, WHO LOVES ME; if you were me, what would you do about her? Engage or withdraw? This is a wealthy but an illiterate woman. Education is the best legacy they say. What would you choose between wealthy-but-illiterate and literate-but-probably-poor? Be sincere!

Lord eBay


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Owoyeye Oluwafemi Ebenezer says:

    The Tailor Who Loves Me- I Have The Same Story but i chose to explore the world than settle for the benefits she presents. Your heart is your best adviser, listen to your heart.


  2. lordebayism says:

    Thanks for the read and the comment. Our hearts are always our friends even though they’re our weakness.


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