I was told in heaven that life is amusing,
So I came with guts to drink and party.
But here the daily unbelievables get things confusing,
Is this even the place for gaiety?

Friends say ignore and long you shall live,
So I unzip and bless a whore.
But twice in a month, my joy, circumstances bereave,
Hijacked from my heart and washed not ashore.

What would you have to be happy?
Mother says love as if it’s easy.
Yet all my efforts only make me look crappy,
Here I am, tipsy, flimsy, marveling in emotional epilepsy.

I look at the world and I see nothing
That can make us happy except our minds.
I’d write, read, and occasionally go hunting
No expectations, no unbuttoning and locking of hinds.

-Lord eBay


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