Why Self-Publishing Is Vital To New Writers

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Why Self-Publishing Is Important To Amateur Authors

You might have observed how the electronic world has advanced. For the very first time ever, more self -published books were apparently self-published in 2008 while 76% of all books introduced in 2009 were regarded as self-published. Times have changed. And self-publishing has become the novelists’ common choice today. Why is it so important among new writers?

It’s the modern trend.

E-books have today got to become more attractive among designers as well as readers. Think as of this way: self-publishing and e-books find significance with each other. Digital reading and self-publishing have equal recognition and fulfillment nowadays. So when you’re a new to the world of writing, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to gain that popularity?

The recognition of allowing your book out, making use of your own resources is slowly increasing. The year 2014 is observing some outstanding modifications and clean traits in the world of self-publishing…

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  1. Environmentalists should be all over ebooks. They should be providing equity among readers by bringing the price of books down, but publishers seem to be raising prices steadily, without a loss of readership.


  2. Schools should be encouraging ebooks for the classroom. One day. Good article.


  3. Shery Alexander Heinis says:

    Hi – Thanks for following my blog! I’m exploring yours, and I find the “Crossing the Red Sea” piece hilarious! I look forward to reading further.


    1. lordebayism says:

      Welcome, Sherry. It’s beautiful following you.


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