20 Things Writers Do That Make Them Seem Crazy

Indisputably true!

ML Gabriel Writing


If you’re a writer, you sometimes find yourself wondering if you’re really alright in the head… and are we? If we were, we wouldn’t be very good writers now, would we?

  1. We get annoyed when the voices in our head won’t speak to us. Also known as “Writer’s Block”.
  2. We Google things like “What does a dead body smell like?”.
  3. We get irrationally angry when people want to know what we’re writing about.
  4. We sit around thinking up creative ways to kill people.
  5. We research the ins and outs of different cults.
  6. We spend ages looking at eerie or creepy images for “inspiration”.
  7. We get frustrated with our middle chapters.
  8. We stare at people when we go out.
  9. We become addicted to coffee or tea.
  10. We forget to phone our friends and family because we’re too busy with our imaginary ones.
  11. When we go to major events, we imagine plot twists.

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