How To Write a Vampire That Doesn’t Suck

ML Gabriel Writing

Image from Flickr - dracula in wax Image from Flickr – dracula in wax

Young Adult writers (among others) everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon of Vampires ever since the rise of Twilight. Problem is, Edward Cullen isn’t the type of vampire that gels well with a lot of people, despite his immense success. So, what makes a vampire not suck? I take a look at the vampires that have graced our imaginations and learn from them.

  • It’s all about being SENSUAL 

Since Dracula’s debut in 1897, vampires have been known to be nocturnal lovers of the night. They lure their prey by seducing innocent victims and ultimately killing them by draining them of blood. So, if you want to write a sexy vampire, make sure he has the sex-appeal of a sought-after rock star that knows what he wants and exactly how to get it.

  • If you’re centuries old, you’re bound to be WISE

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