Our Nakedness


In most noble suits the man walked the villages, embraced the old and encouraged the young, dined amidst beggars in spite of his wealth and status. He would cry for the poor and clamour for change. Yet, something was wrong about him; his bones and nerves hungered for vengeance when offended and he often pretended to love when he hates. What could have gone wrong with such a nice man? The answer simply is: HE IS A MAN! What is wrong with him is wrong with every other man, it’s called hypocrisy.

A man of God, preaching love and harmony to neighbouring folks while lightening, rain and thunders had fun outdoor, if sometimes closes his Bible and buries his head in his hand would say: “Let me have war! It is spritely waking and full of ventures. Peace is an apoplexy, lethargy: mulled, deaf, sleepy, insensible; a getter of more bastard children than war is a destroyer of men.”

A man with no coin has less to care about except of course his sessions of private complaints. He is the best man. He sees faults in the governance. He smells treachery in the church. And as long as his children bring something home from the begging trips, he is okay for the day, no curses, no trouble. Such men are the only good men we have. Poverty has shaded their true nature. But if you put such men on a sudden throne, present to them maps of their new lands. They will be happy for a year or two, then later they will want more and if they do not start a war, would kill all those who installed them so that no one alive would have the guts to question them. Such clever men! Good men indeed.

A man climbing the stairs of political hierarchy would prove loyal at the ground floor; prove kind, sensible, dedicated, altruistic and submissive at the middle floor; until he reaches the zenith status, you would never see the devil in him.

Untold human suffering lies behind the statistics of World War II; Angels whimpered, humans cried, pillars crumbled, demons to hell fled. There were people buried alive by explosions, slowly and painfully, their lungs crashed and they suffocated to death, mouths hanging open for ants to feed on their new Canaan, bodies never discovered till date. There were children who could not identify their fathers’ arms from their mothers’. There were people who lost their eyes before they lost their lives in the middle of shatters and clatters, yet never stopped to run. The most sensitive parts of the body from which avalanches of pleasures once radiated became sources of unbearable pain that distracted the brain from knowing which one was water and which one was sand. And like water runs out from a tap, blood escaped the veins of a beautiful young lady whose legs have just been blown off by a grenade, on her honeymoon bed, and her spouse stood there with his hands on his head, getting seriously mad and not knowing what to do. And the children that were said to be Kingdom of God; the women that were said to be salt of life; virgins; good and bad folks; millions of innocent men perished, for a cause that didn’t worth it, for a fight that shouldn’t have had a root if the nakedness of man is not hypocrisy, greed, cruelty, madness and ignorance.

You would be judging yourself as you read this and would conclude by thanking God that you’re not wicked or mad. You would say you’re a peaceful servant/child of God. You would say you’re not a hypocrite and that your heart is as pure as rain. Answer these questions truthfully then: God wants us to forgive our enemies, what do you invoke on them when you pray? Even if you come clean from questions of this genre, the last question I’ll ask you is, are you not human? Even the holiest of all men, keeps secrets and tells lies to protect them. Only the religious teachings and care for reputation have always cowed the irrational potentials of man into hibernation. But when a majority of people decide not to care for reputation at once, like soldiers in a war, mob on the street or students on a protest, you will see it, the true nakedness of man; violence, madness.

-Lord eBay


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  1. I must admit that I had to read this twice before I got your meaning. I am impressed with your honesty and your clarity, It was very thought provoking because I really had to ask myself your questions. Thank you.

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    1. lordebayism says:

      Lols… I really appreciate you taking time to read it. The writeup is my truth, the way I’ve observed this world, some other people’s truths may be different.

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      1. I absolutely love authenticity!!


      2. lordebayism says:

        That makes the two of us.

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  2. Ruth Shelton says:

    You are a very talented writer! You get people to think. If more people were like you, oh how better off the world would be. God made us, we are not perfect,but when He reads your writings in your heart, I bet he smiles. He will hold open the door to heaven for you & say “Well done.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lordebayism says:

      Wow! Thanks so much. I really appreciate your comment. Indeed!


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