Empires have risen in the East,
Sailed through shadows, clouds and mist
To subjugate prospering lands in the far.
Submit your sovereignty and your roads we shall tar.
In heavens and earth, we’re the brightest star.

Didn’t Persia drum to Greece and lands?
Didn’t Egypt scare neighbours with wands?
Wasn’t Cleopatra shaken by Rome’s bands?
Did Trojans’ blood not spill on their own sands?
Didn’t Ashoka slay thousands to expand his grounds?

Empires have risen in the West
But the protesters have broken into the papal chest.
A Princess wore the crown, a Prince stole it.
Titans clashed, feasted on blood after their fist;
But unfortunately, all powers, time devours and eat.

Empires have risen in the South;
Porks, forks, mead, gold, sex, beer and stout;
Good princes, spoilt princesses and the bastard lout;
They all end up in books or words of the mouth,
They end up in the past, you sure know this, no doubt.

Where are the immortals of the past times?
Where are the poets, like me, delighted in rhymes?
If they weren’t judged by their looks
Unsung, persecuted and gutted by past’s hooks.
Must still be alive, locked up in the books.

-Lord eBay


One Comment Add yours

  1. Vision inspiring.

    Yours – trapped in the pages of my own work-

    Nice post.
    G.P Williamson

    Liked by 1 person

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