Visera the Reaper


Who could have guessed
That a man like me could be obsessed
With the beauty a demon had possessed?

Her assignment was to see me dead
Due to the pain that Lucifer had suffered
From one of my sacred writings he had read.

She came with rage
To drop into my bones a plague.
But when my pure heart swallowed hers,
She dropped the sword and started to reverse,
Wouldn’t have danced at that time
If Lucifer had staged jazz
Or rock n roll in bass,
And only came back to life
When the wind of love blew at her ass.

Here breathes a man whose nature
And heartbeat engulfs mine
she cried and ran.
In no dresses at all I pursued,
Not minding if she was a nosferatu or lycan.

When I nearly caught up with her,
She screeched Ah!
And stopped suddenly,
Raging from afar.
I shouted Oh ye who the demons hire,
How beautiful you are!
Shameful, my soul you cannot acquire.

Liar! She barked and coughed out a smoke of fire.
Towards her, I ascended a step higher,
And again she blew fire and made me perspire.
For help I would have wired,
But there was no telephone around, so I retired.
It was only when I regained consciousness
That I found a parchment in my pocket
On which she had written her name,
Visera the Reaper.

Of course I trembled at her dings.
I was so much afraid of her clings. But whenever I remember the dark beauty of her wings,
And how she could expend fire
And the emotional fear she brings, I couldn’t cease to wish she had a Blackberry,
Give me her PIN and see if like our ladies, she pings.

Now, she intrudes my dreams.
As youthful as the month of May she seems;
Even more beautiful than the girls in films.
Oh my God, she must have enchanted me
With her songs and hymns!

One morning my doorbell was put to a buzz,
I was reading a book on epic wars,
I hated people who early in the morning
Would never learn to stay away
From their neighbours’ doors,
So I whizzed down the stairs like a curse,
Opened the door and to my surprise, there she was,
Looking gentle like a nurse,
Prettier than the prettiest of the girls I met in Jos.
My breath had a pause,
I was completely clueless and worse.
But she just jumped over me and started kissing me,
Saying now that you’ve startled a devil,
She has to be yours.

So romantic she was,
I instantly hated all the religious testimonies and laws,
Hell, I even called her my boss.
And she asked me to mount her like a horse;
I obeyed without minding who she was
Or what in hell she does.
I believed she would be a good wife and a nurse,
Giving me pleasure, protection and some fuss.

The devil baits his hooks with beauty.
Plato’s ghost warned me,
But Visera the Reaper appeared
To have faithfully fallen in love with me.
I believe her because she has not taken my soul
Even when she had the chance. Instead, she flew me around like a baby
In the arms of the Angels in France.

I told Plato, you must a liar now;
She does not breathe fire now;
I think i have no reason to perspire now;
Even if my soul she wants to acquire now;
I am indeed ready to retire now. She does not smell of hell,
She’s so beautiful that any clergy would tell.
Her beauty surpasses that of Madonna,
I am ready to get married to her
Even if the ceremony would hold in hell.

I am a beauty of the ancient times
When beauties were still pure
she said,
I am a virgin of the present time
Whose strength is original.
I am a dark messenger from the bottomless pit
Whose age cannot be measured,
Yet a fool whose hot and blazing heart
Has been stolen by a mortal;
An enemy, whose writings have angered my lord.

I looked straight into her eyes,
Wanted to see if what she said were lies.
But when I dealt my dice,
Believe me guys;
She was one hundred percent truthful
That even a monk could have waved byes to lies.

If a devil like her could speak nothing but the truths,
I wonder who the most dangerous is
Between her and our youths.
If she could be as pure a virgin as this,
I wonder who is the most modest between her and our ladies.
I am determined!
I will weave her hair and cut her wings;
I will marry her, kiss her and trim her clings.
I bought a Blackberry for her after all,
And guess what, she pings.

What should I do when Satan demands his angel’s return?
A beauty that had come to kill me
But has fallen in love with me;
A beauty of dangerous innocence;
So modest, so trustworthy, so evil and so lovely.
Is there anyone out there willing
To help me hide her in his/her house?
I’d compensate you generously.
After all, what are friends for?

-Lord eBay

…to be continued in PART II.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. This is an epic poem. Wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Only that i didn’t follow any of my usual patterns. Freestyle i would call it.


  2. And just WHAT would you be compensating? Will she stay put, if I put her in the duck pen?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Ah! Lols… I’m afraid she’ll have to compensate you herself, after she brings down the pen in ashes. Don’t be scared, just joking, she’s nice. Should I send her over?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yikes! Not fair to the ducks.

        Nope, nobody need be compensated. Besides, no guest is treated like that, not even my in-laws 😀


      2. Lord eBay says:

        Lols… She’s at your door already. Could tell you stories of the old times, she was there you know.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So do tell the stories, I am listening, well, reading.

        If you don’t write the stories, who will? Perhaps they will be lost, as so much else is lost. Entire languages are being lost, as the last fluent elders pass from this life. This is happening all over the world. Most youngsters no longer have the patience to learn the teaching stories, So (my opinion, only) it is important to somehow preserve them, as they are meant to be. Even if the stories are in conflict with one’s personal beliefs, or the beliefs that one is assumed, by others, to have.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lord eBay says:

        Your comments are gorgeously great! Yes, here we are, preserving the stories, and the tales. Writers write stories, writers keep and nourish them, historians only do but read, hoard, and tell.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Brightest Blessings ⭐

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Something to consider, some words of wisdom regarding loss and change…first, life is strange. That which is gone often comes again, reborn in a way unheard of before, yet not new, the same. True WE lose things, aye, we mortals. But we mostly wait anyway, to shuffle off this coil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Hmmmmm… Love that!


  4. Great stuff. Check out my blog.

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  5. balram645 says:

    Really appreciate your writing skills and the way it kept me stick to it until the bottom has arrived…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Thanks. Glad to hear that.


  6. mcdaface says:

    am still not sure visera is truly in love with lord eBay. I’ve got to realise that Lucifer’s kingdom is full of evil, heartless acts, lies, PRETENCE and demonic personnels in which visera hails from. Can she really snitch her lord? Am afraid she dares not the consequence. Maybe all she’s doing is PART OF THE PLAN. Well, you have a thousand soldiers waiting to fight you, let us know when its time for war. We shall kill them all.. Good story, well done

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Lols… You have a point. You made me laugh too. Kill them all we shall, but not Visera, my love. The Part2 is published already, I’ll be glad to see your comment there.


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