Hell has broken loose and demons have fled;
Beauties on earth Hades bellows must be dead.
I know a weary Crystal lying in her bed;
I must rescue her even if I’ll lose my head.

I walked through fire burning skin of times
Filled with courage, tears, love and rhymes
To find this maiden in her tortured innocence.
Cry not, follow me, please for now in reticence.

Let them take me oh demons of Hades!
My heart handsome mortals have bled for ages.
Leave me you! True love cannot cross my dailies.
She cries, from you men, what have I gotten as wages?

I held unto her as tight as I could,
Poured out my love as honestly as I should.
In my mood I was nude like a Druid,
But will she arise and cease seeing me like another dude?

Can she not see my shining armour?
I cry here like a baby, write poems on the floor;
I think about her throughout the night until four;
And the nasty part of guys is still what she saw?

The demons at the door still axe the door,
My crystal bellar still prefers the war.
And love with me, promises happy lands to tour.
Christabella, give me a chance, I have goodies to pour.

And here I am, sitting by my bellar.
Crystal fan fantasizing fantastic fantasies.
Never a daughter of Gandalf or Professor Pella,
But still enchanting me to undeserved nemesis.

Perhaps a sun will rise in the East
That will someday find me and her at a feast
Merrying, loving, journeying through life and slaying our beasts,
Beating the dew, moving the clouds and nailing our mists.

I love Christabella and angels know.
PLEASE! Crystal, don’t ever say no.

-Lord eBay

18 Comments Add yours

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Thanks Jassie for reblogging my poem, that’s an appreciated promotion.

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      1. Jassie says:

        You are welcome 🙂

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  1. mcdaface says:

    You always keep it one hundred on your write-ups. …fantasizing fantastic fantacies, i like the rhymes, i appreciate the creativity and i love your style… You are a blessing to the world

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Mcdaface, love your ribcage-cracking jokes too. Your blog is a medicine to depression.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your wordplay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Thanks very much, WritersDream. You’re one of my sources of inspiration. And I’m only trying to catch up in the art.

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      1. Thank you but your already there!!

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  3. dara40 says:

    This was wonderful

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  4. mcdaface says:

    Wow! Medicine to depression, i love that part… Laughter is a good medicine as they say, i wish to keep making people laugh when they visit. Thanks for reading on my blogs

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  5. Nice job. Thanks for following my blog.


  6. dbp49 says:

    An immensely fun piece to read, that age-old tale of the lovers plight. I loved it from start to finish, you told it so well, and I shall certainly be back for more.

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  7. Sheila says:

    Nice job. Those who have the talent to write poetry well have my respect. Thanks also for stopping by the Cow Pasture again, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to more conversations. Please feel free to comment.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ayeh says:

    Hi! Glad I found your blog, Love your delicate & creative writing, it’s beautiful!
    Best wishes, Ayeh.

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