Just us; Only us

Dear reader, would you spare me your time? I have confessions to make, and if I do not make them, I’m afraid, I may not be able to sleep for years; and trust me, I may not be able to die. In all my human life, I have lived in dreams; dined in dreams, dreamt in dreams and wallowed in dreams, but when I was shown to the brutality of this world, I got jolted out of sleep by the reality. All my life, I have hated the religious clerics and battled the oracles. I have blamed all disasters on God. I have blamed Him for allowing devil to plague our lives and settlements with ills, corruption and war. But here I am, after passing through these ills myself, have discovered, it is not devil who abducts our children; it is not devil who is capable but deliberately shuns rescuing them; it is not devil who drops missiles in our schools and homes; it is not devil who deliberately fail students in Colleges and Universities; it is not devil who embezzles public funds and insists on saying that stealing is not corruption; it is not devil who butchered humans in Soka-Ibadan; it is not devil who make/watch pornographic films; it is not devil who sew skimpy dresses that reinforce moral decadence; it is not devil who make our graduates political thugs and nuisances out  of joblessness in the streets; it is not devil who deflowers our women before marriage; it is not devil who cheat in the exam hall; it is not devil who runs drug businesses; it is not devil who drowns our dreams; it is not devil who oppresses the less-privileged and causes war among countries so as to sell weapons; it is us, just us; small, wicked, treacherous, exploiting one another to rise and tormenting weaker classes for pleasure; JUST US, ONLY US, not God, not devil.

I woke up this morning and looked unto our cities and villages, I saw dreams dying, destinies drowning, stars dimming and a people wallowing in a miserable squalor, popularly unaware. Vacancy of sixteen jobs would be advertised in a newspaper, thirty million unfortunate victizens (victims of citizenry) would apply, and in the overcrowded struggle one hundred persons would lose their lives, stamped to death while five thousand would be injured. The following day, everybody would still party and fornicate as if nothing bad had happened; we are inured to suffering, how unfortunate!

People with minds, would you imagine yourself sitting on a mountain overlooking the whole scenes for a moment? What do you see? Because when I did that, I saw a slave camp, masters scattering food at the slaves for them to pick, and the slaves stamping on one another in the struggle for food; the weak getting whittled into death and only the strong surviving. If you see otherwise, please update me. The adopted daughter of the president got married and got over ninety costly vehicles as gifts. If you’ve received twenty strokes of cane before, probably during your secondary school days, you would have the idea of what space ninety cars could fill. Damn it! I never owned a motorcycle, not to talk of owning a car, not to talk of owning ninety cars. Thousands sell roasted corns by the roadside, millions run after vehicles to sell dodo ikire, oranges, ice cream, recharge cards, boiled corns, pies and other snacks instead of making roads, building automobiles, making inventories, being provided with all the resources to find a cure to HIV/AIDs, and competing with China, America and other developed countries in technology and medicine. Where are we instead, my friends? When was the last time you saw electricity in your house? Since when have you graduated from the University and what are you doing now? MTN, glo, etisalat and Airtel munch our accounts without anyone to tell. They give us no money yet takes too much from us. At 21st Century, airplanes are still what everybody runs out to see when they hover above our roofs. Alas, some people sit somewhere, steal twenty billion dollars, own most expensive ships in the harbor, take an ecclesiastic jet to South Africa to buy weapons with millions, distribute gold-plaited i-phones at weddings, ruin the economy and still fool us with an engineered façade, place little concern on education, send polytechnics home for a year, Colleges of Education for seven months and Universities for six months. And we’re still here, as obedient as our fathers, waiting for when the slave masters would scatter food again. Let nighttime comes; they would still run after our neighbors and friends for rituals to win elections, even us, if we’re not smart enough to run. This is not a natural disaster; this is not caused by hurricane or thunder or flood; our sufferings are caused by us alone, just us, only us, not God, not devil.

Alas, time is not waiting. The sun is tired; the laws that hold all things in place will soon cease to be valid, and everything will loose its grip and upside down mountains will turn. The moon will fall into the stumbling earth and it will be impossible for artists to remember their arts, lovers to remember their partners’ elegance, or corrupt politicians to remember their vaults of money buried away; and we will run out of our bodies in fear, and look beside will you see, your body lying already dead, being consumed by the quicksand. Your father will glance at you but once and would care not about your pace towards the direction to which we’ll be drawn. And for the very first time it will be true to say, every man for himself and God for us all. Maybe a million years of journeying through Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, Pluto and planets science never saw and will never see, you will stand before Him that made the gravitational laws in the first place. He will ask you to relate to him what you have done with your life and you will cry to Him and say “O ye who sent us to earth, I worship thee. I had good dreams that could have earned me enough money to make me capable of worshipping you by giving to the poor and being a better person but our bad leaders and politicians never allowed me to live. They looted all the money and all the time. We only hid behind pasts in the present, feeding on cockroaches and spicing mosquitoes with garlic and onions for supper. I only survived, sprayed good cologne and wore good clothes. I could not do more.”

He will show you a mirror and you will be mad at how you look (if you still managed to remember how you looked). You’ll frown to see nails so long, hairs so ample and wrinkles so sharp they could almost cut irons. And He will say: “You were given eyes to see and recognize the people that stole public funds, brain to judge and mouth to speak against immoralities and irrationalities in the earth, hands to fight those who lived to impede the manifestation of your destiny, what did you do besides to watch football, sex-encouraging films and listen to idle talks (hip-hop)?” Incapable of explanation you will be, and He shall bellow: “You are just as guilty as those politicians. The punishment for those who destroyed the world is big I assure you, but for those who stood akimbo and watched in silence, the punishment is bigger. Let only seven out of every one million see heaven, you have all chosen your fates before we called.”

(Laughs) How would you dare to beg? Even those that made God happy weren’t assured of heaven, not to talk of you who only lived to eat, watch films, dance, insert your prick into illegitimate holes, chase materials, lie, steal and did nothing else. In the crowd as vast as oceans, echoes of blames on Satan will rise but don’t we all know? Satan doesn’t start a fire; he only fans a burning one. Lucifer visits only the houses whose doors are open to him. After all, Satan doesn’t have a Voter’s Card to show on February 14, it was not Lucifer who voted Goodluck Jonathan as president of Nigeria in the first place, it was us, just us, only us.

-Lord eBay
Independent Progressives Movement (I-PROMO)

NOTE: My description of the Judgment Day is not in line with any known religion’s context, it is based solely on my own imagination which is influenced by my personal spiritual sojourns.


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  1. migarium says:

    Good awakening! my Earthling friend:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate with all that you have written – and kudos on the references to Soka, stealing is not corruption etc. Well, we have seen it all.

    You once said you’d be the president, you’ll have my vote – we all know we need independent party to move the country forward, until then, keep writing…


    1. Lord eBay says:

      God shall hold us strong and we shall all witness the liberation in good health.

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