Visera the Reaper


“Lord eBay, do you wish to take Miss Visera Lucciver as your wife?” asked the priest in somewhat a sonorous hilarity. The appearance of someone as dark as night at the door deprived me of words, he was masked. I sensed trouble, already doubtful on whether or not to expect my marriage crumble. I caught the scent of hell and my blood started to bubble, this cannot be possible! I looked at Visera in the eyes, she already knew, our marriage was just about to be set ablaze. Oh the innocent attendees and the catholic father, ignorant of the danger and only progressing on the procedural ladder! Instead of realizing that we’ve received a hell-specie Al-Qaeda, continued to hit the words harder.

“Yes, I wish to take her as my wife.” I responded and the priest continued without a pause. Only Visera and I knew he would not live for his efforts to be commended, there would be a fuss. Visera answered the same question, hiding her phobia so as not to cause confusion, yet I knew there would soon be commotion.

“I hereby pronounce you as husband and wife! Lord eBay, you may now kiss your bride.” So I wanted to obey with pride, but the hall got consumed by fire in tides. Visera’s wings sprouted out magically, shielded me from being burnt unexpectedly. I climbed her like a horse; oozed through a window like curse. A creature in dark wings flew after us, causing darkness in the sky, hissing like a snake and braying like a horse. I knew he was that masked man standing at the door, all our merry has instead of amaze him, bore. In the name of all the African gods I prayed, nobody answered, I was simply betrayed. If it was in the name of Allah or Jesus I had prayed, perhaps, my deliverance would have not been delayed. Only a dragon could have expanded fire as big as the one the creature did, how I wished I could neither write nor read. If I had not angered Lucifer by my papers and reed, that creature wouldn’t have seen me as a goat upon which it must feed. But if I had not written fearlessly like an innocent kid, what could have earned me my wife, Visera? Definitely, no lead. And when she flew me around in the sky I agreed, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

We ran through the clouds and sought being helped; Zeus did not show up, not even when I yelped. We ran over the sea and shouted Poseidon’s name, absolute silence, he ignored our game. I called Hermes; he did not send his armies. I wanted Hades to reason, but I guess it was not his season. It appeared like we were carrying a curse, Olympus did not stand to our cause. Where was Melina, Nina, Belladona, or even Athena? None of them wanted to be a corrector or a cleaner. Oh my God! A blade of fire nearly cut my pina.

Just then a voice came from heaven, seemed like it was uttered by six giants or seven. “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I wondered if it was a joke or a kind of jest, but my life was on the line, I couldn’t risk failing a test. “Don’t you see that that is your God?” Visera tipped me. Oh the stupid me! I cried to my God, no more searching for inferior gods on Badoo, Facebook or Eskimi. Save us I shouted, and thunderbolt streaked from heavens to strike our pursuer, making it dumb like it was enchanted. Just when I heard some echoes of Allahu-Akbar and Halleluiah, I realized that I’ve been wrong not to believe in God all my life, ignorantly living as a liar.

Joyously, we started to fly above cities and nations; I saw schools, ministries and stations. She took me to Mount Everest, indeed, of all lovers, she was the cleverest. I saw the whole of Europe; I pity people who have never left their countries like letters in an envelope. I saw the whole of America, wished I could see my old friend, Angelica. I saw the countries of Asia, woe to Congo and Tunisia. We flew above the whole of Australia, if you read my diary, you would love the paraphernalia. Oh behold the countries of Africa! Not really falling to descriptions of the clumsy Encyclopedia Britannica.

We landed at a waterfall, our fears dropped, only the worries of avoiding a fall. We camped in a cave, in fact, it was warm and safe. For a month of Sundays we enjoyed our honeymoon, only hunt for games on the sunny days and would always return at noon. The wings were there again, I would call it an advantage or gain. I have learnt to live with them; only an asshole would find the tongue to condemn. She had a heart of gold, why should I be trembling when I’m supposed to be bold? We flew around at nights, there were fire-insects everywhere; you would love the lights. Then I realized that in the darkest of all places there could be the brightest light. In the most evil of all dark angels is the sweetest love, but not without a fight. Her lips tasted like wine, oh look at her waist and how she does the whine! She allowed me to suck her milk, as she wrapped me up for warmth with her silk. We made a little bonfire, while she warned me of how much she despises being a liar. The name of the dark messenger sent to us was Laezer, she said. I told her that I’ve never heard the name in all of the books I’ve read. She told me the number of people that Laezar had misled; I could not help but bite angrily at my bread.

We returned home after a season, when people asked why things went like that, we couldn’t give them a reason. And on a Saturday of a sunny day on a holiday, Laezar returned anyways, not alone but with a thousand, it was a bloody day.

-Lord eBay
To be continued in PART III


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