My Dream of Today


Do not see me as a rich man in terms of money, I do not have Thirty Thousand Naira in Bank. Do not see me as a saint; like every other foolish man of my age set, I chase after sexual adventures, and although neither drink nor smoke, do not condemn those who do. Do not see me as godly, I believe in one God though, but I hardly complete my daily five times prayers. Do not see me as a gentleman, I cannot promise not to insult someone you hold dear if I feel threatened by him or her. I am not the best man for ladies who want best men, if even a good man at all, but one thing I know of myself; I don’t deceive, not either anyone or myself.

I have learnt over the years to live for something greater than myself and my comfort. And I have concluded on living for the day I’ll be judged by God and sent to either heaven or hell, concluded on making life a better place for the sake of that day. I am not an angel; my manhood does demand to fornicate but I fight the urge. I do not steal what does not belong to me. I do not lie where it’ll hurt, and in fact, I’m unsuccessfully struggling not to lie at all.

I pity people who are poor, but I pity people who are rich and not helping the poor more, for glaringly, being wealthy is a test, the failure to which attracts grave punishments here and hereafter. A poor man’s misery is not his poverty, brothers listen, his poverty is being satisfied with being poor. If God does not want us to try and make the world better for ourselves and our neighbours, how could He have given us a brain so powerful that no matter how much we explore the world and ourselves, we still cannot use up to half of what it can give? Complacence is not being comfortable with little, it is suicide with no comfort involved.

I want to be a renowned author, every writer of the 21st Century has a laptop, I have none, yet I’ve refused to retire; I exhaust 80leaves of Higher Education Notebook in every two weeks. I have dreams that any sane man would laugh at if told, not because it’s impossible, but because it’s difficult considering my societal circumstances, yet I still groom my friends and equip myself with pins of perseverance to detonate every balloon of discouragement in my life. After all, as I’ve been told several times, every man is born to make the world a better place, that comes with great sacrifices though, we must not abuse the privilege. I cannot get comfortable with riches, not to talk of getting comfortable with poverty. To see people laugh and sigh in reliefs, people sing songs of praise to the Lord for adding me (Lord eBay) to the team of altruists in the world of man, that’s my dream of today, hopefully, my reality of tomorrow.

Take a deep breath, check where it’s going all wrong, refresh on your goals, try again. Every rich man has a story of hardship to tell too. Our suffering will not be in vain if at the end we make it to the better side. But a man who will have challenging testimonies with rebourgeoning hopes will not allow himself to be drowned in his misery. It’s not a big deal to be poor, but it’s a great deal to be poor forever. Life is a sea and humans are but cast into it, we must either swim or drown, no in-betweens. The beauty of glory is the story behind it. But if you’re satisfied with what you have, it’s good, although I must alert you, the day a man stops dreaming is the day he sinks into oblivion and stagnancy. It takes flapping limbs to move in water.

Some folks have great homes but in order to keep the home great must leave their huge houses in their hometowns for physical and spiritual survival. They would scatter to States and cities in pursuit of happiness, they would walk foreign streets at nights and nothing would smell of home. Pippin would scare them: home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread, through shadows, through the edge of night. They would be frustrated at some points, but isn’t it important if leaving home secures a future? At the end, they would converge at a beach with their children to share of the past, mixed feelings with greater percentage of joy shall fill their hearts. Every great man left his hometown at some points. If you’re not pushed out to see how big the world is, you might never get the tip of how big you should dream. Human footsteps are on the moon, who says you can’t dream beyond the known planets? Abi kinni mo tiwi?

-Lord eBay (and his thoughts)


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