Searching For Love

I looked at myself in a mirror, so much to learn, I returned to the bureau. Looking at the challenges I must survive, I’m beginning to conclude some romance could revive. Lunia from Pennsylvania is a concubine, but her personality and my ambitions can’t combine. Nico who also loves me is from Mexico, but I’ve felt it, marrying her would be a fiasco. The tailor who loves me is in Ondo, not an option, she’s a bloody doe. Now let me talk about Kemi, she’s from Ibadan around Academy, aware of nothing else to do with books than origami. And Tosin? She’s too sexy and would only make me sin. And here we are, I’m growing older, too much burden on my slender shoulders, the weather is growing colder; friends, don’t you agree I need to find a romantic folder?

I have written about love, but finding it has proven so tough. If truly love exists, madam, please don’t let my suffering persist. The music that comes from my audio tape, makes me dream of a love honestly agape. The rising and falling of the tones… it makes me dream of thrones. But the tears only fall, nobody cares to call, my heart has become as bitter as a gall.

This girl whom my heart has opened to once, left too soon that her story now seems a trance. Though in my dreams she still bounce, but I can’t let myself be mad so as not to disappoint my fans. Ladies lately fill my dreams, but what I want has been found only in films. William Faulkner said love could not exist anywhere else but in books. But what will I call the thing on my parents’ eyes when they exchanged their looks? . William must be chocking on some fallacious hooks.

I have built a relationship before, but the emotions were too strong not to grab the love to devour. Whenever it clocked dawn on my bed, the thoughts always come to disturb my head. My doctor has told me the remedy is to wed, but I’m not sure the truth is what he said. Oda naa who’s gonna be my love? I need to drink water from her trough. Without seeing her I can feel her eyes, without ever meeting her I know that no one has ever crossed her thighs. With her I foresee no lies, at the end, there will be no bitter byes.

I have thrown a dice, saw that she’ll come soon, I’ll not die in ice. If you are the one, come in time, don’t let my heart burn. When it reaches your turn, there will be a lot of fun. But if you don’t come in time, I bet my life will be done. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, even if I eat butter with bread, I’ll not be satisfied until I made you a friend. Nature has promised me you. I looked at the sky, wondering where the wind might have blown you. I didn’t have a clue. They say you’re often in blue, I can’t believe that unless I witness it to be true. You’ve only been seen in a dream, but I couldn’t see your face, it was as dark as brim. I don’t know what to deem, but let’s say I must wait, the signs are what they seem.

Aunt, with me you do not have to duel, I’m rich enough, I can afford the fuel. I can give you true love, showing it won’t be any tough. The problem of how people will bluff? Leave that to me, that I can solve. Past ladies do say I’m not very good at caring, please study me very well, you’ll know my bearing. Once you know how to handle my steering, you’ve got the power; you can start your daring.

Who wishes to be my shelter, be my sweater when the weather refuses to get better? We can have two sons and a daughter. And you wanna guess? We’d all be on Twitter.

“No sooner they met but they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed, no sooner sighed but they asked each other the reason… love.”

-Lord eBay


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oza says:

    So beautifully put 🙂
    Loved reading it..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lord eBay says:

      Oza, are you on a chatting app or something?


      1. Oza says:

        Well, I am not on many.. You tell me?


      2. Lord eBay says:

        BBM? Whatsapp?


      3. Oza says:

        Hangouts? U know my ID..

        Liked by 1 person

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