One of the most unfounded things I’ve heard this year is that we are what we eat. Really, does that make any sense? Because I eat chicken, does that make me a fowl? Because I eat beef, that definitely doesn’t make me a cow, does it? And I don’t remember eating a legend this morning. We are what we think; that’s what I believe, and we don’t just think, certain factors like people around us and the books (stuffs) we read influence our thoughts. We can then agreeably say we are what we read; we are whom our friends are.

One of the things I’m grateful for this year is that I lost some friends, friends whose names cannot come up in my mind without words such as sex, fornication, drugs, theft and all sorts of vices coming up too. These nutty friends were replaced by friends who dream beyond their genitals; beyond alcohol, beyond clubs, beyond food. Comrade Adewale Oyedeji (Walyntinho) is one of them. How can I describe the gravity of my respect for him? He’s the only one whose writings get me up looking for my jotter to note words down. He’s even the reason why I subscribed to This guy is good! And you see, he is my friend. I’ve never been prouder.

World would widely wonder why wallpapers waxing and waning walls today whistles about Wale. Well, wondering wanderers welcome, we’re whiskey-ing his birthday. I met this mister on a memorable Monday while meeting with progressive mates, munching through most methodically manned minutes of the last meeting as secretary, I liked him immediately. Eloquent, brilliant, excellent at choice of words and dynamically purposeful and loyal to his purpose Wale is. Girls’ favorite. He and I are about to co-authorise a book, what can i say? The world better be ready; the culture of reading among Nigerians is about to be reawakened again.

Happy Birthday to Wale Oyedeji, one of the few who still retain in me the belief that it is not insane to still be reading books in this country, for while others are posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram 24/7, he is busy reading, writing and plotting a youth-oriented revolution for positive liberation. Awon eeyan Mayweather (friends of MayWeather), morning this morning!

“I am practically rude to people who are shortsighted to see what communal unity could bring in a nation like this and also, I’m genuinely rude to those who wallow in an internal circle of civic illiteracy. One can be a dwarf in physique, at least that is biologically explainable, but being a dwarf in common sense in this 21st century? That’s a crime graver than genocide.” -Wale Oyedeji

Written by: Lord eBay (of eBayism School of Thought), saying many happy returns.


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