High on weed

My guy got so high on weed, that he was searching for his phone with the torchlight of the same phone he was looking for.

He got so worried about the
phone and was almost in tears even his flatmate, who was also equally high, decided to join him in the search.

After about 45 minutes of searching, his phone
rang, he picked the call and quickly replied the caller:

“I’ll call you back, I’m looking for my phone” and he angrily ended the call and continued in the search for the phone he just answered a call with.

After a while, he then decided to use the same phone to call his
line and when he got the busy network he turned to his flatmate and said “Guy, it’s useless to search any longer. That phone is lost. The person who took it has switched it off.”


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  1. As an old guy, I’ve done the same thing without the weed. Thanks for sharing. Funny stuff.

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    1. Lord eBay says:

      And how did you feel when you finally found what you were looking for in your hands? Oh silly me? I would laugh like…

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      1. This is why I have multiple pairs of reading glasses strategically placed around the house.

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      2. Lord eBay says:

        I’m afraid of that time. I hate to be young or old. If vampirism was real, I’d be 30 forever.

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