If men were angels…

eBayism School of Thought students



“If men were angels, things would definitely fall apart. Since being angels would allow men sorts of magical controls over all the elements of Nature, they would scatter the world of man and endanger our specie. Evil would be their enthusiasm and destruction their pleasure. BUT if angels were men, there would be no Country or State or governors or partitions of the world. Inspiration of benevolence would be automatic and majority would desire to acquire wealth only to inspire progress and retire poverty, not to conspire to set up a choir of oppression and exploitation, the chameleon nature of man would then expire. If angels were men, corruption would die and our tomorrow would be secured.”

“Heaven would look like a clean paradise inhabited by devils, and the world would be… umm… attractive. The world is an adorable leviathan on the surface of existence, filled with humanity and nature. I was once an invisible creature; you could only feel me if you were human. I thought of the impossible, and in order to kill my boredom one day, I got to know that if angels were men, the world would look like a special macrocosm, best of all nine planets. It would look beauteous, pulchritudinous, stunning and prepossessing. Justice would be lighthearted in the view of the fact that it would lead. The world would be pacific, irenic and congenial. Love would be venerated. There would be love for the simple things of nature, the beauty of God’s creation, the splendid and impressive nature and its happiness which men are stone-blinded to see. Men’s hearts are cock-a-blocked with diablerie, devilry and diabolism, hereby harming earth’s social, political, economic and natural peace. But, angels are benign, benignant, benevolent and sweet-hearted creatures. Good paradigms of the halcyon, balmy, bland, lenient, quiet, tranquil, peaceful and phlegmatic. If men were angels, heaven would no longer be the place of one’s dreams, the relished primrose people talked about. Heaven would be full of hate, invidiousness, green-eyedness, emulousness and oppugns. Beautiful things there would be raped and heaven would have corrupt, degenerated, depraved, vicious, devious, deleterious, detrimental and unethical beings. I knew all these from… I went somewhere… somewhere in this world… somewhere filled with magic… somewhere supernatural… somewhere, where men were angels… somewhere, where angels were men…. I would never divulge that place and you’ll never know. But, that ‘somewhere’ is here on earth.”

“If men were angels, the world would have changed for the better. It would be so fantastic, so lovely that bad manners would easily perish. But if angels were men, this world would’ve turned upside down. Why the men would fare better is that the deviltry of men would’ve been transferred to the angels along with the demons that ‘man’ as an identity carries, and the gentleness of angels would’ve been transferred to men; then the winged creatures would be bad and the creatures previously called men would be good. When you are called by a certain name, you tend to behave in accordance, what goes with being called men, I swear, would corrupt the honesty of angels.”

“If men were angels, heaven’s plume would become plummeted with plunderers. Well, that’s what men were created for… evident from the case of the Garden of Eden. The organization of government on earth, by the angels, relatively would not be full of encroachments. Biodiversity-wisely, life on earth is dynamic, but human activities are really causing dramatic loss on the kaleidoscope of the life on earth. Lots of extinctions! The rhino, tigers, pandas, whales, leopards, even the dinosaurs! Don’t you wish those animals were not scanty in number or totally extinct so that they could still be seen today? If there were angels as men, the web complex wouldn’t be under attack. Increase your imaginative capacity! Imagine the picture of the environment on earth, if angels were men. Imagine how heaven would be if men were angels. Most good terms and order are found in the behavioral concept of angels. Well, readers, I have been encyclopedic, I wish or dream loftily of becoming an angel, holding a white wand and subservient to only the very Creator of life Himself, but ha—ha—ha, if that requires crossing over, forget it, I don’t want to die.”

“If men were angels, heaven would become Jerusalem. If angels were men, the earth would become Judah. If men were angels, Judah would become Sodom. If angels were men, Jerusalem would become Gomorrah. If men were angels, the diamonds and gold in heaven would be exploited. They would clip the wings of angels out of jealousy. God would stand up from His throne to campaign and contest periodic elections. Jesus would take a DNA test before they would accept him as the son of God. They would kidnap the angel tasked with blowing the trumpet on the last day. Every soul that would enter into heaven would be charged certain amount of money. But if angels were men, no Boko Haram would have kidnapped the Chibok girls but they too, being exposed to life on earth, could at some time fly to heaven to see the fair daughters of men. They would be proud and haughty because of their physical massiveness. Holy Spirit would probably be a gossiper and become a celebrity. Above all, if men were angels and angels were men, it wouldn’t be “nations would rise against nations” anymore, it would be “heaven would rise against earth.” It is better angels aren’t men and men aren’t angels.”

Conducted by: Lord eBay


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