If we study science to some extent they say we will lose our faith and doubt the existence of God. So in pursuit of the excuse to finally escape the stress of religion; five times prayer a day, fasting, burden of courteousness and righteousness, abusing the original nature of the flesh by depriving it of its demands, etcetera I had immersed myself in science. After listening to what physics and chemistry have had to say, I had gone after the systems explained by biology; nervous, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and excretory systems; what organs they’re made of, which tissues form the organs, which cells form the tissues and what organelles tour the cytoplasmic ocean bound by the integumentary membranes, everything working together, the failure of one leading to the malfunctioning of the other, I was marvelled. I looked at the plants, their autotrophy, their vascular and vacuolar support for their uprightness, their symbiotic relationship with the rhizobium bacteria for nitrogen fixation, I saw God’s signature everywhere. I was convinced all these couldn’t have just started without somebody inventing and monitoring them. Epiglottis actively protects the trachea from foreign materials, the rib cage shields the lungs and the heart from damage, the cranium protects the brain, the kidney withdraws toxic materials from the blood and you say all those are happening accidentally? Oh no, it can’t be! There is God truly, nobody can confuse me there isn’t.

God is good, but these things called religions in their different versions have given us different personalities of God. I wonder how religion came about in the world of man anyway. Did God give the inspiration or was it man’s instinctive way of embracing the spirituality he must have felt around himself? Sacrifices, songs, burning of crops and later incense, and in some places, group sex or whatever the priest commands, religion had begun and evolved over time, all in attestation of the existence of an overwhelming spirituality responsible for the coordination of natural phenomena which man is part of. Religion could’ve been beautiful, being the oldest politics and constitution that had guided the lives of men. Religion is meant to be beautiful, creating standards for moral livelihood, but, I suspect religion is not totally capable of curbing men from being men, brutal animals. There was religion when Egypt established slavery, wasn’t there? There was religion when human sacrifice reigned in all cultures of the world, wasn’t there? Wasn’t there religion when Byzantium, Rome, Greece, and Persia’s cultures had embraced slavery and war? Or is religion itself brutal? Britain was religious when she enslaved the whole world, colonization it was called, killing anyone who resisted her. In the name of religion, evangelists of religions had fought and killed one another in millions. Wasn’t there religion when 400 million Native Americans were murdered to take their land? Was their not religion when humans expressed their animal nature through World War I and II? Was their not religion when Hitler killed millions of Jews? If we count the number of lives that accidents and animal attacks have taken in this world, it is invisible beside the number of lives that religion has taken. You see, as beautiful as religion is, as pious as it is meant to make us, means of worshipping The Most High, it has killed more humans and animals than snakes and lions can ever do. Religion robs you of the freedom to engage anyone you want in matrimonial business. You have to look for Ijabs or church wristbands before you approach a damsel. At last, we’re totally ignorant of the difference between religiosity and godliness. Religion is supposed to give us the scales for self evaluation in order to redress but are we capable of religion? Are we ready to redress? No, we are not. How can anyone be capable of religion when he’s not capable of honesty? How can anyone be capable of religion when she’s not capable of godliness? Religion, who invented it? God or man?
All right, my friend, I need you to find yourself a mirror and look closely at it. Right there! You’re looking at God’s cherished handiwork, man; most intelligent of God’s creatures, handsome, beautiful, smart and inventive. Black, red or white, he/she is the evidence of God’s magnificence. That’s what you’re looking at in the mirror, God’s creativity. But I need you to find yourself a seat and look again, yes, that’s okay, look at that mirror again. You’re looking at the deadliest animal on earth, an animal whose history of killing has swallowed other creatures’ histories of killings. Look closer my friend, do you see a liar? The most competent animal in the game of pretence and deceit? Look closer, beyond the original purpose for which God has expressed His art, do you see a betrayer? Do you see a thief? A murderer? An exploiter? A pirate? A fake prophet? An embezzler of public fund? An evil genius? A greedy fool? Or tell me, do you see none of those? You’re safe then. You’ve only seen a godly person who is so religious, so pious and holy that at his/her ‘single’ marital status, he/she is still a virgin; that’s you. You’ve kept yourself for your future spouse. You have never tasted alcohol in your life and you don’t like lying as your religion has preached against. Yeah, right there, you’re the one heaven is prepared for. Or wait o, are you telling me as religious as you are, you’re not a virgin even though you’re not married? Kojejebe! Aunt Theresa, why naw? Okay o, you will excuse me now, the troublesome Jehovah’s Witnesses have come again, I want to go and release my dogs from their cage.
-Lord eBay (and his random ruminations, 2017)

eBayism School of Thought (+2348138281019)



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