The Rich the Poor the Miserable Love


Adebayo, a young adventurous teacher meets Toro, an upper class lady and Cupid’s arrow hits home, setting off ripples of intrigues, tensions and anticipations. Adebayo mounts a passionate love campaign but Cupid’s match does not meet the approval of Teju; Toro’s brother who safekeeps his sister for a more worthy partner. Adebayo also faces opposition from Aunt Arike, a colleague who wants him for herself and Mary, a student whose obsessive crush on Adebayo leads her to spin scandalous webs. A lost pregnancy; a kidnap; an atmosphere of blackmail and pretence, two lovers find themselves at war against each other.

Download here!

A Suspenseful Tale of Love and Endless Intrigues by Moshood Adebayo (a.k.a. Lord eBay) is now available on Lulu, OkadaBooks and Apple iBookStore. 

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Twitter: @eBayism

IG: @lordebay

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