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“I’ve always mistaken you to be a very smart person,” she said as she walked towards me, her voice just like it was on the phone the other time, shrewd. “With the way you talk, the way you teach with such fervor, stupidly wandering through the smog of your own self-importance. I helped you ascend higher, but what have you given me in return? Ehn? What are you ever willing to do to please me apart from the endless browbeating I get from all of you ungrateful assholes?”
“Mary, I know how you feel but you’re not handling this properly. To you, what you’re asking of me looks simple but it’s not, it’s educationally unhealthy to reveal question papers to students, don’t you understand?”
“Ehn—ehn? It’s educationally unhealthy, isn’t it now? Is it educationally healthy to sleep with your students then? You did all sorts of things to me, in this very house, but now you’re talking about what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy. You’d be a good politician, I tell you. You’re a bloody hypocrite and a great liar!”

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