The smile of the sun dons the day with light, its garment billowing through the sad secrets of happy faces. It’s a new day, an arrival repeated in a trillion times, which of course never fails to mock the dreams that are but will never be; the passion of a body circling the sun in its thirties, oblivious of the boiling silence laughing at laughter’s noise. Wait, did Esther not say she wants to study Medicine? Isn’t she the medicine in an unknown chief’s voodoo now? Ah! If only we knew the hungry highway has stopped eating potatoes a decade ago, brains are yummy now, daily brunch. The semiaquatic home which where it suits it drains, calls and calms, but few years later, ‘I have AIDS’. Do we really get anything, for real, without prices? Even the One that moulded us into the endangered dangers that we are does not ease a pain to give room to another without vigils of whispers, or peradventure of wailings, does He?

A head that wears a crown without royalty; royalty without a crown, a heavy entity sailing lightly through time, destiny now lazy, and the dead say ‘Oh just like us!’ Alas! Angels still haggle and the cathedral is heavy with hymns. Where is he headed, a man of now time with then dreams? Sango to Iyana Ipaja, a thousand preachers. Iyana Ipaja to Ayobo, ten million sins. And I turned to a teacher, please save our kids, but his genital instead he stuck in my mouth, okay, I give up. A meaningless contraption of a voyage. Just when you think roses grow on graveyards, bears visit in Summer and the gods are not to blame. A staggering journey through space, no control over its bearing, but wherever it lands is its fault, and hell is said to wait at a bad terminal, now what could I really want if not to sail forever?

-Lord eBay
eBayism School of Thought


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