I keep myself for the sun; he swims different bays. I keep myself for the moon; she flees from my murk. My pride I sheathed in my patience’s bureau, seeking a pair who wasn’t long found, nipples like Persian coins, eyes like flames, beauty a fable, my muscles are bulging, the predator of Maraba now a prey to a prey; lightening in the sky, history threatens to speak.

Oh good things and their fates, doom! Gory stories and their egos, resounding! A beast that I am, my balls in her paws, I speak obsolete French. What are canines’ jobs? Hell if I remembered! But what have you done, my carnivorous soul? I’m feared for my nature yet you burn my reputation at both ends.

Angel Gabriel has a sister now, Gabriella, whom where she’s sent to grant fortunes, tames peace. And now the line is crossed, vegetables aren’t a tiger’s breakfast, I choose the ogoid war. Better be prepared my darling, yes, really, for a beast that I am… a beast that I am.

-Lord eBay


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