History cut your flesh; Caesars bled your digits but you survived the excesses of man. Pharaohs opened your bosom; termites bit at your toes but till today, you sway to the music of the wind. You have so many protrusions, none into bliss is introduced yet you did not grow envious, no, not even after in your shade, Adam dug deep into Eve. Man always wants more, the fool is a consumer, and then he prances like he’s an autotroph, sitting in the shadow of his benefactor yet the reward is hacksaws. But what will you not endure, love? Their filth pollutes your medium, you cleanse it with your breath, and although they thank you not, you breathe on, smile on and live on.

I come with good tidings though, the Self Sufficient One. The sabretoothed murdered those you fed, it passed, didn’t it? Giant lizards preyed on those you raised, they’re trapped in sediments. And their future, I daresay, of those who currently torment your existence, is doom, see, watch their TVs, and then see the peace I foresee, the peace they’ll not be around to witness. Bees fetch your waters in peace, wasps dine with birds. The air now is clean and there you are, swaying, growing, your smile on our faces, history of man in the misty distance, you’re green again. Mother, see, you’re green.

-Lord eBay (and his random ruminations, 2018)


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