BOOK REVIEW – Francis Is Alive

(By Kevin Onuegbu, an avid reader and literary critic)

“Francis Is Alive” by Moshood Adebayo is a detective story imbued with intrigue, horror, suspense, betrayals, love and the mystic.

Francis Whyte, a professional and most wanted American assassin, showed up to the world after so many years of self-exile. He came to Nigeria to meet his Facebook girlfriend, Olawunmi, who through the shrewd but selfish orchestration of her boyfriend, Majeed Akintola, has been swindling the notorious assassin to send money to them. Meanwhile, many government and private agencies of the world have assigned top class assassins to secretly kidnap Francis, whom they thought could be a threat to world peace and also an instigator of World War III. Unknown to them, Francis had no axe to grind in world politics, he only had roots in the country (Nigeria), being the place of his development into adolescence.

On another phase, a mystery was to be solved about Bade Adebanjo, a PhD student, who was reported to be a reincarnate of Ismael Cissey, a man who lived 87 years ago. He (Bade) was also sought by different governments of the world for a tube, which could make a human extraordinary. This scramble for an ‘unknown gold’ led to different vested interests clashing, leading to deaths, assassinations, betrayals and at the end, a syndicate is formed by different assassins to face a bigger threat – The Fraternity, who had solemnly sworn to stage World War III.

The story epitomizes the moral decadence of the world at large and also some mystical beliefs of African culture.

I do really extol the author for a wonderful blend of narrative devices, as we were brought into no little acquaintance with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the events that occurred in the book and also for the verisimilitude of the scenes made credible by the rib-cracking humour and heart-pounding suspense that abounds richly in it.

I am sure that Edgar Allan Poe, wherever he is, would be happy to know that the continuity of the detective story is a success and also to anyone who wishes to have an unparalleled acquaintance with an action-packed story imbued with suspense, ”THIS IS A MUST READ”.

Reviewed by Kevin Onuegbu, an avid reader and literary critic.


Francis Is Alive is rated GOLD.

Author Bio:

Moshood Adebayo is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, State of Osun, Nigeria with a degree in Biology (Education), currently teaching in Ogun State. He hails from the ancient town of Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria; a teacher by profession, a writer by heart. He has published numerous articles on his personal blog and several other blogs in Nigeria and abroad under the penname Lord eBay. He’s a scientist though; he won’t stop writing. Contact him on the following social networks

Twitter: @lordebay
Instagram: @lordebay
Facebook: @lordebay
OkadaBooks: @lordebay

Francis Is Alive has been published and is available on #OkadaBooks , Amazon Kindle, Kobo, BookTopia, Apple iBookStore, Barnes and Noble NOOK and Lulu.


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