“Neither seek nor avoid, take what comes.” -Swami Vivekenanda

A sage was once asked by a boy, “How can I be happy in this world?”

“Do not beat yourself up over what you cannot change,” the sage told him.

When the boy’s mother died, he cried, and then he looked for someone to blame. He blamed it on the doctor, the doctor said, “I didn’t put the sickness in her.”

He blamed it on his father, his father said, “I’d do anything to save her but she was reckless with her health.”

He blamed it on the country, the country said, “She’s inconspicuous.”

He wanted to blame it on himself but, what could he have done to make things happen differently? This point, he looked up at the sky and said, “God, why?” Everything around him answered, “We’re all God, the wind, the soil, the fire, the rain, the flesh, the you. And we’re all on a journey here, a cyclical journey of eternal existence. We save, we kill, we’re saved, we’re killed but, we never die.”

All things alive are branches of a single tree, growing, breaking off, and growing again. The boy thought about everything he had heard and concluded things could truly have happened differently, if his mum had been more careful with her health. He decided to do differently, be careful with his health. He stayed at home and only went out for medical checkups, to escape the dangers lurking in the world and detect the one in him before it could fester. He was sure, that way, he would live into healthy hundreds of age. Indeed, healthier he grew, until one rainy day, when their weakly built house collapsed on him, and killed him. What he always ran from had been at home with him all the while. We can never be too careful or too reckless. Que sera sera.

Life is cyclical and everybody is set on the circular trail, transforming from being soil to being life, and in reverse. The big path is marked with incidents that must be, which no one can influence otherwise, not even with prayers. When there’s time for joy, it won’t come sooner than it would. When there’s time for sorrow, it won’t come later. Every move that every animal makes, be it lower or higher, is part of a grander scheme, which is devoid of sentiments. The Universe listens to everyone, yet listens to no one. Unto slaves as it’s planned, so it unfolds unto kings.

Man is as nature made him, if it appears he changes, he’s probably unlearning to become more of himself, or learning to be not himself. However, the plans for him change not. To accept is to embrace, the powerlessness of man, and thusly unflinching happiness, knowing that you cannot change anything, every man gets what he’s promised. A king in the gutters will find his throne. Life is neither fair nor unfair, the script is devoid of sentiments, the path is laid.

Another person asked the sage, “How can I be happy in life?” And the sage told him, “Know that your sentiments don’t matter. Accept it. Life must happen as it will.”

– Lord eBay (and his random ruminations, 2019)


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