Francis Whyte Series

Since I started reading novels, I’ve always wished for the suspense of Grisham, adventures of Cohelo, mystery of Rice, crime of Christie, and spirituality of Brown to be brought to my shores, in locations that I know, cultures that I’m familiar with and names I grew up knowing; but such, in the tone I craved, had always been unavailable. So I said, why don’t I write one? I surged to a stationery store, bought a pen and a notebook, and Francis Whyte Series was birthed.

FRANCIS IS ALIVE is the first book in the series, followed by CAN’T WIN THIS WAR, which prequels ANCIENT TROUBLES MEET MODERN TOOLS. The Series has its locations spread around the world, characters among cultures; and Nigeria, as I’d always craved, produced the major characters.

At first, the Series reads political, then it’s crime, and as the chapters fall to the left side of the opened book, we’re driven into the paranormal. I wrote these books also for those who are too lazy to read. This is their cure. Once they start, they won’t be able to stop.

The books are available on Amazon kindle, Barnes and Noble, OkadaBooks, Lulu, Apple iBookstoreKobo and all the major online bookstores.