The paranormal series, TAUNTON TOWN

TAUNTON TOWN is a series of magical events, set on the tussle between the forces of light and darkness, over the control of human race. The first book in the series, Fellowship of the Dark is published and available in both eBook and paperback on Amazon, Lulu, and other major online bookstores.

Book 1: 
Fellowship of the Dark

Fourteen years ago when Lewis Penners hurried into the forbidden forest with a book hitched under his arm, his son, Mark was nine. Now, Mark is twenty-three and is curious to investigate his father’s disappearance. Alas, he stumbles upon bigger troubles. A serial killer enters the city; pagan riders raise enchanted swords; the moon cleaves in the sky; someone presumed dead is alive.

Book 2:
Legacy of the Seven (…loading)
Book 3:
The Book and the Wizard (…loading)
Book 4:
Game of Angels (…loading)


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  1. Sounds very interesting.

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